Sunpal Amazed the Xiamen Solarexpo 2023 with Innovative Products

ExhibitionsRelease Time: 2023-04-24

Sunpal Unveils Cutting-Edge Solar Modules at Xiamen Solarexpo 2023

Sunpal, a leading innovator in the photovoltaic solar industry, made waves at the prestigious Solarexpo 2023, held from April 22nd to 24th at the famous Xiamen International Conference Center in Fujian Province, China. As a premier event in the global photovoltaic energy storage industry, this three-day exhibition attracted a diverse audience of industry experts, companies, potential partners, and enthusiastic buyers from around the world to explore the latest products and technological advancements in the industry.

Highlighting Innovation and Excellence

At Solarexpo 2023, Sunpal's booth stood out as a beacon of innovation and excellence. Sunpal seized the spotlight by showcasing its groundbreaking N-type TOPCon 2.0 bifacial and monofacial solar modules, particularly the TOPCon BiMAX5N Bifacial double glass solar modules. These modules generated significant attention for their exceptional performance capabilities and sleek aesthetics, attracting interest from both domestic and international customers. The event proved to be a fruitful ground for Sunpal, with many potential customers establishing valuable connections with the Sunpal team, leading to numerous partnership agreements and laying the foundation for Sunpal's continued global expansion.

Empowering the Future with TOPCon BiMAX5N Bifacial Series

The BiMAX5N series, powered by Sunpal's N-type TOPCon 2.0 technology, stole the spotlight at Solarexpo 2023. Compared to traditional panels, these innovative modules boast a remarkable 5-25% increase in power generation, marking a significant leap forward in solar energy efficiency. With a power output ranging from 410W to 635W and conversion efficiency of up to 22.72%, these modules are equipped with industry-leading features such as improved temperature coefficients (-0.29%/℃) and lower degradation rates, ultimately reducing the Balance of System costs for customers and helping them achieve their sustainability goals. To date, the TOPCon BiMAX5N bifacial double-glass solar modules have earned worldwide acclaim for their innovative design and outstanding performance.

Versatile Applications for Diverse Needs

Sunpal's TOPCon 2.0 technology is highly adaptable to various power plant configurations, making these solar modules suitable for a wide range of applications, from residential to industrial uses. This versatility enhances their attractiveness in the market and underscores Sunpal's commitment to meeting diverse customer needs.

All-Black Modules: Performance Meets Aesthetics

Sunpal didn't stop at groundbreaking efficiency. We also showcased its TOPCon bifacial double-glass all-black solar modules at Solarexpo 2023. These modules captivated the audience, particularly those seeking a blend of functionality and aesthetics. Their double-glass construction makes these solar panels capture sunlight from both sides to maximize energy generation potential and provide exceptional weather resistance. Besides, the sleek all-black design complements various roof types, making Sunpal's solutions ideal for both residential and commercial applications. The all-black modules not only enhance solar cell performance but also cater to customers with specific aesthetic preferences, boosting the global appeal of Sunpal's solar solutions.

Rising Demand and Market Position

The success of Sunpal's photovoltaic products at Solarexpo 2023 reflects the growing demand for high-performance solar modules. Since achieving mass production of the TOPCon series in 2020, Sunpal has received numerous orders, solidifying its position as a market leader. The widespread recognition and acceptance of Sunpal's TOPCon photovoltaic modules as Class A products by a broad customer base further highlight their superior quality and reliability.

Join Sunpal in Shaping the Future of Solar Energy

Sunpal's impressive performance at Solarexpo 2023 underscores its innovative edge and comprehensive strength in the photovoltaic industry. By presenting its advanced TOPCon series, Sunpal has reinforced its commitment to driving the future of solar energy with superior products and solutions.

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