Commercial Solutions

Sunpal Solar specializes in photovoltaic (PV) power plants in various forms, including conventional centralized PV power plants, agri-voltaics, floating PV power plants and other forms. In addition, we offer integrated solar energy storage solutions to ensure reliable power supply. Sunpal Solar is committed to helping businesses and communities transition to clean energy, reduce their carbon footprint and achieve energy independence.


Get the most out of your existing equipment and infrastructure, ensuring your power plant operates at peak performance, achieving maximum efficiency and profitability.

  • Long-Term Stable Investment Income

    Abundant solar energy resources, sustained support of national policy, safe and reliable power plants, and the steadily increasing value of green power.

  • Authoritative Construction Qualification

    Sunpal Solar has a comprehensive product certification such as CE, TUV, CSA and construction qualification certification system to ensure the quality of projects.

  • Rapid Response Services

    Our dedicated team of O&M specialists is available around the clock. We continuously monitor the performance of your solar power plant remotely, fixing potential problems before they escalate.

Solutions For Various Projects

Depending on the different types of construction sites, installation locations and methods, we can provide solutions for conventional centralized, mountain, agricultural and floating PV power plants.

  • Conventional Centralized

    We specialize in solar power plants for large-scale projects. These plants are usually built on flat land and use a centralized layout for optimal efficiency.

  • Mountain

    Maximize solar potential on your mountain property. Our mountain PV power plants are ideal for gentle, south-facing slopes. We design centralized layouts to optimize energy production on your unique mountain terrain.

  • Agricultural

    Mainly for centrally located agricultural areas, sufficient sunlight and areas with row crops. These systems are designed to optimize land use and enable the production of food and clean energy on the same property.

  • Floating

    Sunpal's floating PV power plants are perfect for large, stable bodies of water without aquaculture. Maximize your land use and generate clean energy with our innovative floating solar solutions.

Successful Cases

Sunpal, your trusted partner, brings vast experience in developing and constructing large-scale solar projects. Our team of experts will design and implement a customized solar solution that optimizes performance and cost-effectiveness for your specific project and site conditions. Contact Sunpal today to discuss your large-scale solar project!

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