Residential Solutions

Sunpal's residential PV system is a revolutionary solar solution that enables homeowners to generate clean, renewable electricity for their homes. With this system, the energy generated by the solar panels is used to power household loads via the inverter and monitored by a meter box. Or it is sold to the national grid at the local electricity tariff, generating additional income. Take control of your energy bills with Sunpal's state of the art solar system.


Our experienced design team will create a customized system layout to optimize your roof area and maximize the energy production of your solar panels and reduce your electricity bills.

  • High Performance Module

    Sunpal modules are among the most powerful, efficient, and reliable in the industry.

  • Tailored Solar Module Layout Design

    We utilize state-of-the-art software to generate fast and accurate 3D renderings of your customized solar system.

  • Efficient Delivery

    A nationwide supply chain system ensures the fastest possible delivery.

Residential Solutions For Various Roof

For residential solutions, Sunpal professional design teams match the perfect module for any rooftop, thus maximizing value for the customer.

  • Metal Roof

  • Glazed Roof Tiles

  • Asphalt Shingle Roof

  • Flat Roof

Successful Cases

Sunpal, your trusted partner, brings vast experience in developing and constructing large-scale solar projects. Our team of experts will design and implement a customized solar solution that optimizes performance and cost-effectiveness for your specific project and site conditions. Contact Sunpal today to discuss your large-scale solar project!

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