Team Building - Sunpal's Exciting 3rd Table Tennis Tournament

Noticias SunpalRelease Time: 2021-07-02

Sunpal's 3rd Table Tennis Tournament: Fun Competition Boosts Employee Engagement

On the afternoon of July 2, 2021, the third Sunpal Table Tennis Tournament was held in the bustling table tennis room at Sunpal's headquarters in Hefei. This eagerly anticipated event was organized by our dedicated logistics team with enthusiastic participation and robust support from various departments. The competition aimed to foster a positive and engaging work environment, aligning with Sunpal's commitment to employee well-being and corporate culture enhancement.

Leadership Participation
Sunpal CEO Juray Zhu and Vice President Eric Zhang took the lead and brought together more than 50 table tennis enthusiasts from all over the company. Their participation highlighted the importance Sunpal attaches to team-building activities and created opportunities for employees to connect beyond their professional roles.

Sunpal CEO & VP Join Table Tennis Tournament: Building Connections Across Departments

Competition Format and Spirit
The tournament adhered to the international 11-point system and standard table tennis rules. Participants were divided into four groups based on their departments, with opponents determined by a draw. The players embodied the spirit of "friendship first, competition second," bringing full energy and enthusiasm to every match. The games featured a variety of playing styles, from penhold to shakehand grips, and showcased a blend of offensive and defensive strategies.

Sunpal Powers Up Teamwork: Table Tennis Sparks Energy & Collaboration

Atmosphere and Team Support
The atmosphere was electric, with laughter, cheers, and shouts of encouragement filling the room. The cheerleaders' spirited support added to the lively and harmonious environment. Each match was a testament to the participants' collective cohesion and sense of honor, highlighting the unyielding spirit of not giving up.

Culinary Delights
To ensure everyone enjoyed a relaxed and pleasant experience, Sunpal's logistics team prepared a rich assortment of tea and pastries. This thoughtful gesture allowed both participants and spectators to refresh and socialize in a congenial setting.

Supportive Environment: Sunpal's Table Tennis Tournament Boosts Morale with Teamwork & Refreshments

Achievements and Awards
The tournament was a resounding success, marked by high participation and thrilling performances. All players demonstrated their skills, eliciting waves of applause from the audience. After intense matches, Vice President Eric Zhang and Regional Sales Director Jason Chan emerged as the champion and runner-up, respectively. The Sales Department and Logistics Delivery Department tied for first place in the team category.

Sunpal Awards Top Performers and Teams in Table Tennis Competition

All winners were awarded the latest Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6, a popular and coveted prize, adding to the excitement and recognition of their achievements.

Sunpal's Passion for a Healthy and Connected Workforce
The success of the third table tennis tournament is a testament to Sunpal's commitment to its employees' well-being. Table tennis, a popular sport within the company, offers a fun and accessible way to stay active, relieve stress, and build camaraderie. This event not only enriched employee's amateur cultural life but also provided a valuable platform for fostering communication, collaboration, and a strong company culture.

Sunpal looks forward to hosting many more exciting events, reinforcing its belief in a healthy and connected workforce.

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