Sunpal's Latest Differentiated PV Products Made A Stunning Appearance at SNEC 2023

المعارضRelease Time: 2023-05-26

From May 24 to 26, 2023, Sunpal proudly participated in the 16th (2023) International Photovoltaic Power Generation and Smart Energy Conference and Exhibition (SNEC 2023) held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center(SNIEC). As the world's most influential photovoltaic event, the three-day SNEC 2023 exhibition attracted experts, companies, and buyers from the global photovoltaic energy storage industry, providing an excellent platform for global photovoltaic companies to display and exchange the latest solar technology developments.

In this exhibition, cutting-edge photovoltaic technologies such as 210 large-size silicon wafers, shingles, heterojunctions, perovskites, PERC+, TOPCon, and HJT cells were in full bloom. Technological breakthroughs are the key to the progress of the photovoltaic industry. Many exhibitors displayed a variety of new products at this exhibition. Some of these products have superior performance and some have higher power generation efficiency, all benefiting from the support of technological changes. Recently, some battery technologies have broken world records and power generation efficiency has been continuously refreshed, demonstrating the vitality and energy of the industry.

Sunpal Energizes SNEC 2023: Showcasing Next-Gen PV Solutions

At this prominent photovoltaic event, Sunpal showcased its latest N-type TOPCon BiMAX5N bifacial double-glass modules, HiMAX5N single-glass modules, BiMAX6N bifacial double-glass modules, and HiMAX6N single-glass modules. These products attracted the attention of many visitors by comparing them with ordinary solar modules. Many potential customers actively engaged with the Sunpal team to learn about product performance and parameters, establishing effective contacts with our staff and laying a solid foundation for Sunpal to expand its sales network comprehensively.

Sunpal performed exceptionally well at this exhibition, showcasing its innovative and differentiated solar products, especially the latest N-type TOPCon series products, which became a highlight of the exhibition with their excellent design and performance. Compared with traditional P-type modules, Sunpal uses 182mm half-cut cells and TOPCon technology to make the power range of TOPCon BiMAX5N double-glass modules and HiMAX5N single-glass modules respectively 410W-635W and 415W-640W, delivering 10-30% additional power generation. These innovative designs and excellent performance have been recognized by consumers around the world.

In addition, Sunpal also grandly launched our N-type TOPCon BiMAX6N bifacial double-glass modules and HiMAX6N single-glass modules using large-size 210mm half-cut cells and TOPCon 2.0 technology, with power ranges of 620W-705W and 615W-705W respectively. High power ensures higher power generation, higher conversion efficiency (up to 22.82%), improved temperature coefficient (-0.29%/℃), and degradation rate. These high-performance modules not only perform well in the industry but also meet the differentiated needs of customers for solar system solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

Sunpal's TOPCon 2.0 technology highlights the versatility and attractiveness of its PV modules by adapting them to different power plant configurations and applications. These innovative products demonstrate Sunpal's comprehensive strength in technological innovation and product development.

As a company committed to promoting the progress of the photovoltaic industry, Sunpal has always adhered to the concept of equal emphasis on innovation and quality. We continuously improve the performance and reliability of our products to meet the needs of customers around the world. SNEC 2023 is not only a platform to showcase our latest technologies and products, but also an important opportunity for us to communicate, discuss, and cooperate with peers in the industry.

Sunpal will continue to focus on research and innovation, providing customers with efficient and reliable photovoltaic solutions, and contributing to the development of global green energy. The successful participation in SNEC 2023 has once again confirmed Sunpal's leading position in the photovoltaic industry and laid a solid foundation for future market expansion. We look forward to collaborating with more partners to achieve a brighter future together.

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